7 Ways to Ensure You Have a Great Home Buying Experience

April 19, 2018

When it comes to buying your new home, there are a lot of things to consider. 

It's a BIG investment and it's your most important purchase, so it can be an emotional process.

You'll want to work with a Buyer Specialist - a real estate agent that specializes in representing buyers. 

A Buyer Specialist will be able to help you find your dream home, connect you with reputable local lenders, advise you on the best offer strategy, and provide you will all of the information you need before making an offer:

  • What are the HOA dues? What are the HOA covenants and how will they affect you?
  • How much is Homeowner's Insurance?
  • Is the property in a Flood Zone? If so, how much is Flood Insurance?
  • How much are the property taxes? What steps do you need to take to reduce your property taxes?
  • Where can you find more information about schools?
  • What important information the property do you need to know? How old is the roof? The HVAC? Has the home ever been damaged in a storm or flood?

These are all VERY IMPORTANT questions that you need answers to when you buy a home.

At The Feldman Group, our goal is to ensure you understand everything there is to know about the process so we can help you find the right home, get a great deal on it, and have an amazing experience!

We do this by focusing on 7 key areas that are especially important for Home Buyers:


In order to do an amazing job of helping you find your next home, we have to really listen to you to make sure we fully understand what you want!

During your free Buyer Consultation & Strategy Session, we will spend time really learning what your personal & family goals are and how they relate to your real estate needs. 

This gives us the information we need to do an amazing job and serve you at the highest possible level.

Below is a video of Abigail right after closing on her first home! She had a unique situation in that she had to find a home and close quickly. We were attentive to her needs and made sure she got what she wanted and FAST:


Our goal is to help you make the best decision for you and for your family. 

If that means buying a home and all of the benefits that come with that, then we are thrilled at the opportunity to help you do that!

However, if that means not buying at this time and waiting until it makes more sense for you to do so, then you will get absolutely ZERO PRESSURE from us to do otherwise.


Part of buying a home means understanding exactly what it is you're signing up for. 

We'll make sure to answer all of your questions about the loan process, home search, offer submittal, due diligence phase, home inspection, appraisal, and whatever else you want to know!

Even though our commission is paid for by the seller, there are still some costs and risks involved as a Home Buyer. 

We will make sure you understand exactly what those costs are, when to expect them, and how they affect you.

AND - as part of our Buyer Benefit Program - you'll save money working with us through our preferred vendor network!

Below is a video from Ashley after closing on her first home =) She had lots of questions and wanted to make sure she understood everything:


Once you find a home you love, it's time to make an offer!

Our proprietary offer preparation  and negotiation strategies are in place to make sure we have the MOST information possible so we can get you the BEST DEAL possible.

This process involves doing research on the home, the seller, and even the listing agent to give us a competitive advantage in offer negotiations.

We keep you informed the entire way, but we handle all of the legwork and paperwork.


Once your offer is accepted, we are halfway home! But there's still a lot of work to be done.

During the Due Diligence process, we will schedule your home inspection and review it with you to discuss what repairs might need to be made to the home before you move in.

We will then repeatedly follow up with the sellers to ensure all requested repairs are done properly and on time.


The due diligence process and contract-to-close process are minefields and must be handled properly in order to make sure you actually close on your home.

Our team makes sure you get to the finish line by personally ensuring that all involved parties - the seller, the lender, the attorney, & whoever else might be involved - have everything they need so you can close on time and on schedule!

The video below is from Jimmy. He was adamant about closing on time and we were able to ensure that happened even though the lender ran into a few snags a week before closing:


Even after you close and move into your new home, we are STILL going to be there for you. 

If you need a contact for a home repair, an interior design recommendation, or a lawn service company... we'll get you in touch with the best person from our vendor network.

Whatever you need after buying your new home, you'll always have someone that will pick up the phone and be ready to help!

If you would like a complete detailed walkthrough of how we will help you find the perfect home, give us a call at (843) 800-0496 to set up your 100% FREE Buyer Consultation. There's no pressure and no obligation... just our sincere offer to answer any of your questions and help you put a plan together to buy your new home!

Jeremy Feldman 

The Feldman Group Real Estate Team

(843) 800-0496